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It’s really important to support the master builder skills in our team members and continue teaching the brick-and-mortar components of what we do every day.

Leading the disruption

Disruption is happening across our industry, perhaps no more acutely than in the material supply chain. Mortenson is not just ready for it – we’re at the forefront. For example, we’ve created a new solution for materials sourcing, disrupting the supply chain while improving the experience for our team members and our customers. And we’ve begun to leverage manufacturing techniques within our core building processes. When it comes to future disruption, we say ‘bring it on.’

Bringing innovation to customers

As customers continue to demand high-quality facilities faster and more efficiently, our most exciting challenge is finding ways to leverage all 24 hours in a day. But we often have work-hour restrictions on jobsites. Autonomous equipment (AE) and off-site manufacturing could be the perfect solutions – Mortenson is already experimenting with AE on wind and solar projects, with great success. And we can build components 24 hours a day in a prefab facility, then assemble them on site during restricted hours. These are two ways we’re bringing innovation to work for our teams and our customers.

Preparing the next generation

The advice I’d give to the next generation: stay curious. Curiosity leads to a growth mindset. The thirst for new knowledge and information drives us to improve in every aspect of life. And it can lead to mastery of a skill if we’re motivated. When we’re curious, driven and motivated, I truly believe we can build anything.


I’m very passionate about our LeadBLU program. It says that we recognize how critical good leadership is to being successful. More importantly, it says that we believe in investing in our people, and that being a great builder isn’t enough – you have to be a great leader.


  • Time with family
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  • Anything outdoors


Constant curiosity drives one to improve in every aspect of life.


Penn State University
BS Architectural Engineering, Construction Management