Wind energy project with rolling hills


Truly embracing our position as an indispensable partner is the best way to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Commitment to developing leaders

With the fast-paced change of our industry and world today, we need to be ready to leverage our expertise and capitalize on opportunities, and that starts with agile leadership. As leaders, we show up by listening to those we work with, understand our team members’ unique skills, passions and most importantly, lead by example. Mortenson is genuinely invested in developing every team member to be the best they can be. 

John May

Translating our renewable energy expertise for success 

From OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) technology, site development, crane utilization, and emerging technologies, our industry has seen so much change and is evolving daily. We take pride in our role in driving continued industry growth. By bringing innovative project solutions to the table coupled with an experienced execution team, we ensure our customers' goals are met. Their business is our business.

Aligning values to open doors 

The strongest customer relationships are rooted in the alignment of shared values and mutual respect. Doing the right thing allows us to build trusting relationships with our customers and fellow team members that stand the test of time. When we invest in this partnership, we unlock the impossible. We invest in our team members to pave the way for tomorrow.

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