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Josh Caldwell
Director of Business Development | Salt Lake City

Josh Caldwell is an experienced and resourceful member of the Salt Lake City Office Leadership Team at Mortenson. As the Business Development Executive in UT, he leads the SLC office’s project pursuits and works to raise awareness for the benefits of Mortenson’s integrated services approach to optimizing real estate assets through design, development, construction and delivery. Josh’s 16 years in the construction industry, and particularly his boots-on-the-ground experience on a wide variety of project types, have helped him develop a leadership approach rooted in a realistic sense of what it takes to overcome challenges and unite a team behind a shared purpose. He believes the best leaders are both bold and humble – bold enough to realize meaningful visions and bring them to fruition, while also humble enough to listen and take all opinions and perspectives into account.

Meeting the moment with bold vision

Leaders need to know when to speak up, when to stand up and have the courage to lean into the wind. But just as important, leaders have to be humble enough know when it’s time to stop and listen. For me, great leadership means having the ability to recognize vision and translate it into reality, and the best leaders accomplish their vision because they know how to listen, show empathy and do their best to understand those around them. Listening comes in all kinds of forms, from considering a peer’s point of view to hearing your clients’ needs and your team members’ opinions. It also means paying attention to market trends, keeping an eye on the competition and making sure you’re engaged in the community around you.

Josh Caldwell

Josh Caldwell

Building a stronger workforce pipeline

At Mortenson, we know increasing diversity in the workforce represents a huge opportunity in the construction industry. Across the country, Mortenson is an industry leader in this effort because we know that incorporating a diversity of perspectives at every level of our organization produces the best solutions for our clients. Through our efforts in internal workforce development, compensation packages and advocacy, we are seizing the chance to build a stronger workforce pipeline and create an environment that supports equity – from the office to the field. Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just the right thing to do…they’re the smart thing too.

Taking the long view

We embrace the long game at Mortenson, looking beyond tomorrow to focus on where the industry is going, and making bold moves to position our clients and our communities for success. Being a leader in this industry means understanding how to meet the moment without losing sight of the preparations that are necessary to address the challenges that lie ahead. One of the most important long-term strategies a company can employ is investing in its people, something Mortenson does at every turn.

Josh Caldwell

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