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Our success is not measured by how many buildings we build. Our success is measured by how many leaders we develop.

Listening to foster growth

For me, the best leadership advice I have received is to listen. Great leaders ask questions to inspire others to think differently, problem solve and collaborate. They listen to you and give you the tools needed to navigate the landmines, and they always have your back. At Mortenson, we have fostered a culture of constant development and opportunity, backed by supporting one another.

Kate Golden Mortenson General Counsel
Kate Golden Mortenson

Doing the right thing, even when it’s tough

To do the right thing sometimes means we have to have the tough conversation. It’s always easy to say what people want to hear, but at Mortenson, when you are confronted with an imperfect situation, doing the right thing is saying what needs to be said and not holding back information or avoiding the conversation. It also means listening, collaborating, and taking an active role in developing solutions.  Our culture empowers team members to have the courage to stop, raise their hand, and lead by example - it’s not just a slogan on the wall.

A “How might we?” mentality

One of the greatest opportunities for our industry is improving the inefficiency in our contracting processes – streamlining and eliminating waste. The need and the opportunity are clear: How can we take learnings from other industries and make our contracting processes more efficient to the benefit of all the parties involved? The more collaborative we are, the more efficient we are in setting everyone up for success – resulting in incredible projects that benefit our communities.

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I am passionate about creating opportunities and awareness for women in engineering and construction. Too often, young women shy away from these career paths, because they aren’t encouraged to explore these fields, or they worry about their skill level. But the truth is, young women are so hard on themselves that many don’t realize how much they excel at math and science! We need to change this trajectory. Reflecting, I wish I knew there was a Mortenson out there and the exciting opportunities in construction when I was a student in a civil engineering program a long time ago. The construction industry is full of diverse career paths; highlighted by dynamic work – creating amazing projects that stand as a testament to creative thinking and hard work, and it is ever-evolving.  


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22 years

Developing future leaders to do the right thing, no matter the circumstance.


American Bar Association, Construction Forum

Engineering Alliance Minnesota

Que Tal Spanish Language Program
Past Board Member

Plymouth Wayzata Baseball Association
Past Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member

Mitchell Hamline College of Law
Past Adjunct Professor: Construction Law

University of Minnesota
Past Adjunct Professor: Construction Law, Legal and Ethical Issues in Construction


Ethics for Engineers


"Entering the Brave New World: An introduction to Contracting for BIM"
William Mitchell Law Review 

“Who’s on First? Addressing the Complexities of Who is Responsible to Design What”
Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers