Great leaders don’t take up space – they make room. Because they know it's not about them. They know they’re building something for future generations.

Innovating through leadership

For me, the most exciting part of innovation at Mortenson isn’t the way we deliver projects. I am most impressed with our leadership approach. We’re empowering all of our people to be true leaders – in their roles, on projects, in their communities, and even in the industry and the spaces where our customers are playing. I don’t know of many other construction companies being as thought-provoking and innovative as Mortenson.

Managing challenges, together

When the unexpected happens, my team works to navigate to the most successful outcomes for everyone: insurers, trade partners, and our customers. We help people through some of the most difficult moments on our projects and in their careers. And hopefully, we can play a role in preventing those types of situations from happening in the first place. The most satisfying part of my job is reassuring people that at the end of the day, no matter what challenge we’re facing or how complicated a problem might seem, we will get through it, together.

Living our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

I think you would be hard pressed to find a construction company that takes its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as seriously as Mortenson does. It’s not because we believe that ticking boxes is a business imperative. It’s because we are grounded in the concept of doing the right thing. Everything about our commitment to attracting, recruiting and retaining people from diverse backgrounds – and making sure that they are part of the Mortenson family when they arrive – is doing the right thing, at its core.