Mike Labukas at the Making Wellness Happen Fair


A healthcare project built by the community, and with community support, will ultimately provide long-term wellness for all of us.

The legacy of leadership

Construction has been a constant my entire life. At 15, I was taught what about leadership by being trusted with complex decisions working with my father as his “apprentice” electrician. The best kind of leadership is the leadership that is passed down. We diligently invest in new models and practices to equip emerging leaders for the future that will take Mortenson to new heights. There’s nothing more fulfilling than empowering others to build their own legacy of leadership.

Mike Labukas and his daughter

Building for the future

Building is what I love to do, but I never dreamt that I would be part of the largest and most impactful projects in my hometown. The structures we get to build in our healthcare market belong to our communities, where hospitals, clinics and wellness centers are vital to their ever-changing needs. At Mortenson, we understand that each project is more than just a building and that it’s what happens outside of our site fence that makes the project a success.

Centering our customers’ needs

The journey from a vision to reality is always a unique and fun adventure. Working side-by-side with our customers to understand their mission, helps our team drive value in the preconstruction phase. Understanding the impact of our work to the community, patients, and staff is much more important than what type of roof we should use. With a baseline of the “Big Why”, we can all move as one team and make the right decisions together.

Mike shaking hands with customer


Being the best husband and father is at the center of everything I do. Raising my two young kids is the most important and most fun part of my day. My daughter is into dance, so I am learning a thing or two from her. My son loves to run around and play (don’t we all, though?). They both love construction and “big diggers.” My daughter has logged some serious time on the model crane at Mortenson HQ, and I think she has a future as a big tower crane operator.


14 years

Burnsville, MN


  • Family fun days
  • Ice-fishing
  • Golf

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