Each of us can make a difference in the world if we take the time to get to know one another.

Investing in People

At Mortenson we truly believe that anyone can be a leader. We take the time to invest in everyone because leadership is found within everyone. This means recognizing each person’s strengths and cultivating that strength to help them make the most of their potential - making them feel confident and valued. Great leadership is more than just being good at your job, it is knowing how to work with people, leading with emotional intelligence, and prioritizing integrity.

Lindsay Verdugo with David Mortenson, Dan Mehls and Constructing for Hope
Mortenson Portland team members at event

Power of Community

A project is always more than just a project. It is the opportunity to provide economic empowerment to a community. Buildings not only provide and foster a sense of community and belonging to the people who use them, they create an opportunity for lasting social change in the areas we build. After construction has finished, these facilities introduce people to new careers, grow businesses, and much more. The ripple effect goes further than you think.

Creating Lasting Value

Each day I set out to “do the right thing” through a personal commitment and intention to create something of lasting value. This means creating safe and welcoming work environment, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, empowering team members, and being a good steward of my resources. Each of us can make a difference if we take the time to get to know one another.

Lindsay Verdugo and family


One cause that is important to me is advancing women, specifically women of color, in the construction industry. As a new mom to a mixed-race daughter, I want to advocate for more women to know that this industry is open to them for the taking.


  • Staying active
  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Experimenting in the kitchen
  • Volleyball



  • Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs Advisory Board
  • National Association of Minority Contractors, Oregon – Member
  • Professional Business Development Group – Member


B.A., History, California Polytechnic State University

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