This is a people business. Part of our specialness is that it's so high touch, so caring – it’s all about building personal connection.

Inspiring possible through financial strength

Being charged with the responsibility of stewarding our finances is something that drives me and our team, each and every day. True financial strength is more than just numbers and results. It’s about smart, mindful business decisions. That means having the right talent in place. It takes diverse voices at the table to debate and get to the best decisions. And it takes a collective desire to make things better and share in the gains. That’s what really drives financial strength – and what helps us innovate new possibilities for our customers.

Creating win-win relationships

We partner with organizations who make bold impacts on their industries. They put immense trust in our team to utilize their capital well. So the best relationships we can develop are the ones where we both win. This approach takes a true understanding of what our customer needs. Because we are transparent and align the right incentives and goals, we develop trusting partnerships with customers – partnerships that ensure we are all successful.

Valuing our people

When I joined Mortenson in 2017, I was struck by the authenticity, the lack of hubris, and the strong sense of accountability at all levels. There is a felt responsibility to lead well that radiates throughout the entire organization. Mortenson is a company that truly believes in its people. From the job site to the office, every role is a high-value part of the team. We look for people to bring new thinking, regardless of role or function. It's definitely a demanding place with high expectations. But it’s also a supportive, caring and thoughtful place that provides the opportunity to learn and grow throughout your entire career.