Great leadership means knowing the right thing to do, and having the courage to do it.

Meeting strategic challenges beyond construction

We don’t just build for our customers. We collaborate with them to solve business challenges - from providing financing solutions to advising on how to use real estate assets as a strategic weapon. A great example is how we helped our Denver healthcare customer achieve a major upgrade in a short period of time. We delivered more than anyone thought was possible. This project was the culmination of a 10-year relationship, combined with strategies like prefab and bringing the workforce together around the hospital’s mission. When our expertise earns us a seat at the strategy table with our customers, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Redefining the future

We believe there’s great opportunity to revolutionize how things get built – such as incorporating prefabrication and robotics into standard operations. Mortenson is uniquely positioned to lead the charge. Our frontline expertise in multiple markets, along with our integrated supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, give us the ability to innovate into the future and completely redefine how we execute our customer’s vision.

Elevating the next generation

I have a passion for workforce development – and specifically for elevating the role of women in construction. Now is the time to expose the next generation to STEM careers, build a rich and diverse workforce, and actively help women reach their goals. We have a responsibility to set an example and hold other organizations accountable to higher standards. When we all improve, we’ll all reap the rewards of better community and business outcomes.


Stewardship is a big part of our responsibility, both as an organization and as individuals, and it’s something Mortenson strongly supports. I continue to be so impressed with how many people volunteer for opportunities that come up.

My favorite volunteer experience was landscaping the grounds and play areas of Mt. St. Vincent Hall. They’re a school in Denver focused on children and their families who have experienced trauma and mental health challenges. It’s just really amazing when you are able to cross-connect your customer and their mission with our stewardship goals.


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26 years

Bringing to life a $400M replacement hospital for St. Joseph/SCL Health