I want all of our kids to be able to experience and appreciate the world we live in. My work in renewable energy helps make that possible.

Energizing the future

There’s never been a more pivotal time in the energy industry. The push into renewables has brought us to an inflection point that will change our future for the better. Mortenson has a history of trailblazing in this field, helping create new possibilities in energy. We’re figuring out how to collect, store and deliver energy in the most efficient and sustainable ways. We’re helping our customers solve for the best practical solutions to ensure their long-term success. And we're always looking ahead, to learn what's driving innovation and understand how we can contribute to better outcomes.

Redefining our impact

While we are doing amazing things to leverage technology and redefine possible, I think our biggest impact comes from our leadership development program, LeadBLU. Our focus on cultivating the leadership skills in every person helps our team members gain a deeper understanding of the value we deliver to customers. It helps them think about our work – and the procurement of our work – in a new and different way. And we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

Making the world a better place

The decisions we make today play a major role in the energy reality of tomorrow. And when it comes to our future, the greatest opportunity for our industry lies in where the next generation will take it. Their creativity and enthusiasm – and their need to make the world a better place – will drive us to places we’ve never imagined. I’m excited to support and collaborate with new team members to see how they influence our future growth.


The cause that’s nearest and dearest to my heart is JDRF – the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Diabetes affects my own family, as well as many other families I know. My family and I have participated in every event JDRF has ever had, and my wife and I have even organized some events.

What’s pretty special is that Mortenson has been a huge sponsor of many of those events. I’m really proud to work for an organization that demonstrates such support for the causes team members care about.


  • Time with family
  • Volunteering
  • Fishing & hiking


26 years

Helping establish our renewable energy business


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Board Member

Purdue University
Construction Engineering and Management
Advisory Board