“Leadership is not about what we do. It’s about what we do for others.

Investing in the future

Today’s marketplace is facing some tough challenges, and Mortenson is working on solutions to address them. We’re accelerating prefabrication to improve quality and safety, shorten our schedules and drive costs down. We’re investing in process innovations to improve how we manage everything from real estate development to the design of our buildings. And above all, we’re staying laser-focused on our customers’ outcomes. Whether we get them up and operating 6 months earlier than expected – helping them gain 6 months of additional revenue – or we provide design efficiencies or additional square footage at the same cost, we’re intent on giving our customers a high-value return on their investment.

Building trusted partnerships

The best customer relationships are the ones that become friendships. It certainly starts as a business relationship, always looking for the right win-win opportunities. Sometimes, project challenges become very difficult. And if we make a mistake, we have to own up to it and make it right. Over time, the trust builds and the relationships naturally evolve. You can’t imagine how many challenges you can overcome, when you know there is genuine good intent on both sides.

Accelerating change for the better

One of our important commitments for the future is figuring out how to hit the accelerate button in our diversity, equity and inclusion journey. We’ve made strides over the last several years, but we need to do better. We have a responsibility to create the momentum and set an example for the rest of the industry. If we can be the catalyst to accelerate change, and our competitors and other companies follow suit, that’s one of the best ways we can use our industry leadership position to change the world for the better.