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We need to unlock the potential to lead, in everyone.

From Learners to Leaders

I’m focused on supporting our future leaders and workforce to build skills for what’s next. We are invested in transforming learners into leaders, with less focus on previous experience, but more attention on skills needed in our ever-changing environment. At Mortenson, we believe every team member has different gifts – and they are our biggest investment. But it takes good leaders, with agility, compassion, and empathy, to figure out how to unlock that potential in everyone.

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women community service

The Power in We

I’m excited to be at a company that has a vision – backed by specific action plans - to be a leader in cultivating diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industry and our community –not just to ‘talk the talk, but to walk the walk.’ It is humbling and inspiring to witness our teams join together to pave the trail forward. We have the ability to make a difference – so we are going to.

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

We have thousands of team members on the front lines, every day, and that is why safety is rooted in our culture and all that we do. But what does that look like from a psychological standpoint? We work diligently to create an inclusive environment, because without it, we fail. To be psychologically safe at work, is to thrive, and we must ensure our team members can bring their whole, authentic self to work every day.

Robin Ritter


Interfaith Outreach is focused on igniting community among families where they live and work; empowering neighbors of all ages to thrive in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. The goal is to make a systematic change – through employment, housing, childcare, job searching, food sourcing, and so on – through the power of community. I am passionate and proud to be a part of an organization that is centered around the idea that a community should come together to develop the best version of itself.


  • Travel with family
  • Reading
  • Theater
  • Exploring new cuisine


27 years

Witnessing Construction Inclusion Week turn into a movement of 1,000+ organizations


Interfaith Outreach Community Partners

Girl Scouts of America
Group Leader, 2005 - 2017


Interfaith Outreach Community Partners
Board Member and Co-Chair of HR Committee



University of Illinois Labor and Employment Relations
Distinguished Alumni, 2015