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Tim Clement, PE, LEED AP
Director of Preconstruction | Denver

As the Director of Preconstruction for the Denver Operating Group, Tim is responsible for providing input and leadership to the design process. He understands technical and planning attributes of specific building types and provides meaningful input to the project’s programming and conceptual design activities. He coordinates design team members and preconstruction services such as estimating, scheduling, project planning, constructability, and site utilization.

Achieving team alignment

When we get to work on a project, we’ve honed a process to ensure everyone on the team is on board with the way forward. True design leadership requires transparency and buy-in from the whole team up front and make sure everyone agrees that a suggested way forward is the right way, not that they’re just going along with what they’ve been told. That’s how you get stuck in a rut – by just doing things the way they’ve always been done without considering new approaches.

Tim Clement
Tim Clement

Tailoring experiences and outcomes

We have the greatest ability to influence the project and set the tone for our customer's overall experience in design phase. At Mortenson we tailor each project to the customer’s needs rather than to any preconceived idea of how something should be done. Our team works hard to understand their business, what drives their results and what makes them profitable, and we use that understanding to customize our approach.

Embracing new technologies

Technology has the power to completely transform the way we work in the construction industry. Mortenson is at the forefront of this effort, looking at ways to implement augmented reality, visualization, and project management technologies that can be quickly adapted into the project process to boost productivity and help us see new ways forward. We’re expanding what’s possible and reimagining the way things are done. The final result is a better product and a more streamlined experience.

Tim Clement

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