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Through the richness of diversity, application of equity, action of inclusion and sense of belonging, we create an environment in which all team members can thrive by being their best selves to realize their personal and career goals.

Todd Nealey

Putting People First

What’s unique about leadership at Mortenson is that we are always supported to put people first. Knowing that people and safety are the top priorities for all allows us to always do the right thing when faced with project challenges and tough decisions. Today leaders need to foster a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Creating an environment that provides the psychological safety to allow for our people to be the best version of themselves isn’t only good for business, but good for all.

Translating Expertise

We’re translating our expertise in operational excellence to provide assurance that our projects will achieve the goals and success factors that matter to our customers. Finding solutions to challenges that present themselves by collaborating is how our team members grow and exceed expectations. This collaborative nature allows us to deliver projects on time, on budget without compromising quality and in a community that is better than before we started the project. Working with teams who posess a deep understanding of construction processes, project management and cutting edge technology, we are able to optimize every aspect of the endeavor.

Investing in Communities

We’re investing in the communities in which we work because Building for the Greater Good means we should be good stewards and improve the communities in which we live during the construction of our projects. Working with people who thrive on not only improving the air quality by installing wind energy, but also contributing by volunteering their time to create positive impact is a great feeling.

One of the things I’m most proud of is working for a company that puts people first and in an industry that is helping the planet transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Embracing compassion, innovation, and community-centric values in the pursuit of delivering an exceptional customer experience from all angles is what I’m empowered to do as a leader at Mortenson.

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