At Mortenson, we believe the key to innovation lies in bringing together a diverse group of individuals who each carry a different perspective into every interaction. We want each of our projects to reflect the communities in which we live and work. We believe that everyone benefits from working with others who think differently, so we can approach projects and problem solving by every possible angle.

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives start at the top down by making sure each of our leaders possess awareness and understanding. Every day, we prepare for the future by looking towards the people who can help us make a difference. We pride ourselves on authentic leadership in every aspect of our industry.

We offer a robust learning and development program to help each team member excel at their job, interact with multiple people, and succeed in our industry from the office to the field.

Our office and field workers can come to work every day knowing this is an environment where they are supported by senior leadership, managers, and one another. Mortenson is a home, not just a career. We want everyone to be included in the conversation that tells the story of our business. We want to make a difference from the inside out.

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Apprentices Celebrated During Appreciation Lunch