A grid pattern of Mortenson team members smiling.


Our approach to leadership and culture

The legacy of Mort’s leadership

Our founder Mort Mortenson believed that we were all born to be leaders; that leadership wasn't something that just happened to us but was something within us. Mort’s legacy of inspirational leadership is the embodiment of who we are at Mortenson today. Every single one of our team members is a part of keeping that legacy alive.

Mort said it best, “All of us are called to be leaders."

That's why we created LeadBLU

LeadBLU came from the need to define what makes us uniquely Mortenson – a way to describe who we are, how we treat each other, and what experience we want to bring to our customers. LeadBLU represents a common language we use to talk about our greatest differentiators – our people and the culture we purposefully create.

Most importantly, LeadBLU represents our commitment to each other – to be the best version of ourselves, to bring out the best in each other, and to bring our best to every aspect of life.


Our Culture Principles

Mort once said that "leadership by example is a guiding principle throughout our company." LeadBLU principles and practices provide a clear, values-based roadmap for team members to approach work in a way that honors Mort’s legacy. They are also a way to inspire all of us to tap into our inner leader and do our part to make the world a better place.

Do the right thing

It's the cornerstone of Mortenson's culture and the backbone of our company. We believe the way we conduct ourselves in life and business is more important than being the smartest one in the room. It's doing the right thing when the difficult approach or less-than-obvious response might be the toughest path to choose.


We before me

The success of our teams, customers, and communities comes from caring for ourselves so we can care for each other, so that together, we put our best forward. It’s about leaving people, places, and things better than how we found them. It’s the humility to admit our flaws while we celebrate our strengths. It’s the responsibility to pay-it-forward and do our part to create a positive environment that's energizing, inspiring and caring for all.


Inspire what's possible

We believe in an inclusive approach to achieving our very best. We're driven by the power of curiosity and lifelong learning – it's our commitment to making a lasting impact. We're building a better world by going above and beyond to help each other achieve great things. And by setting a bold vision for our potential, we do just that.

Mortenson team members doing our "Bend and Stretch" routine which happens every morning before work.

Our people make us Mortenson

It's time to experience something different

At Mortenson, we are committed to building a workplace where everyone feels included. Our team members thrive when we get this right. We want you to feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work each day. And it all starts with inclusion.

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