Danielle Paulson

Danielle is the manager of LeadBLU and leadership development. She led the campaign to define what makes us uniquely Mortenson. That's LeadBLU. A way to describe who we are, how we treat each other, and what experience we want to bring to our customers.

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Taking the secret out of our secret sauce

Danielle sat down with our talent team to discuss LeadBLU, why it was essential to take the secret out of our secret sauce, and why our culture principles resonate at Mortenson. We talk about the power of a clearly defined language of leadership and how it's redefined what it means to be a leader at Mortenson.

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Highlights from our conversation with Danielle

LeadBLU is a lot about who we are and a little about who we want to be

There's something special about Mortenson. So we set out to take the secret out of our secret sauce. And by uncovering what it means to contribute and belong at Mortenson, we made our culture accessible. It takes work to be accurate, but the journey to discovering our unique language of leadership was worth it.

We view you as a leader, so should you 

By taking responsibility for our development, we can focus on the importance of how we accomplish work. LeadBLU helps you understand your role and responsibility in bringing our culture to life through clear, shared leadership language that everyone understands.

A clear path to becoming a better leader at work

Remember that everyone is a leader at Mortenson, so when we talk about our leadership language, we're talking about every team member. Everyone wants to learn and grow. We're operationalizing our culture through leadership development.

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