Kari Labucki

Kari is a senior MEP project manager for our data center group working on our hyperscale builds for Facebook in Eagle Mountain, UT. She oversees the larger team of MEP project managers and transitioned to the data center group after working on the Milwaukee Buc’s arena.

An overview of the project manager roles on our data center builds

Kari sat down with our lead recruiter for the data center group, Bill Peterman, to talk about what a PM does on our hyperscale projects. We talk about the career progression of PMs and her own career growth. As our data center work continues to skyrocket, Kari sheds light on why someone should join her group and advance their career with Mortenson.

Listen to the conversation above or scroll down for the top things we covered.

Highlights from our conversation with Kari

You're responsible for getting your trade partner across the finish line

Safety, quality, scheduling, financials - the whole works. You're in charge of all of it. Our PMs are here to make the install go as smoothly as possible. And to clear all the roadblocks that are out there in the world.

You have the opportunity to grow your PM career across different scopes

You can grow up in the ranks and also sideways by running different scopes of a hyperscale data center build. You can be running mechanical, electrical, plumbing one year and transition into quality,  or safety the next.

The MEP systems for hyperscale builds are potentially the biggest and most complex systems you'll see

Quality is huge on our data center builds. It's exponentially important to this customer. And the redundancy that exists with these builds means you'll gain extensive technical expertise.

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