Joe Proulx

Joe is the director of operations for our data center group. He leads from Eagle Mountain (one of our hyperscale builds) and oversees all operational and construction activities across the group. Demand from our customers is increasing and career growth is happening.

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Building hyperscale data centers and what it means for career growth

Joe sat down with our talent team to talk about our data center group and where they're headed. We get into what's different about a hyperscale build, the size of the teams, and the amount of opportunity for growth. As we build out these data center campuses for Facebook and other customers, Joe explains why our team members see consistent advancement while riding the wave.

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Highlights from our conversation with Joe

We're focused on hyperscale data centers in the Midwest and Southwest

The demand from two of our hyperscale customers means we’re focusing on delivering an exceptional experience for them. We’re concentrating on hyperscale builds in the Midwest and Southwest for now, but that could change.

A hyperscale data center is the size of 23 football fields

We're talking 500,000 to 1,000,000+ square feet big. MEP systems make up 60% of the work. These are complex buildings. They're large electrical, large mechanical systems that collaborate and interface with each other.

These are large, mega projects with large, mega teams

Teams range from 40 – 60 people. Our customers are on-site, technical, and know their builds, and are very collaborative. Typically have multiple builds on a campus. Exposed to multiple scopes as the campus progresses.

Career opportunities on our hyperscale builds are real

We look for team members to stretch and advance in positions as we build out a campus. Project level and program level opportunities on our hyperscale builds across the group. Team members get experience quickly.

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