Carl Moeller

Carl is a design phase executive for our energy storage and solutions group. Demand for renewable energy continues to skyrocket, so does the need to design and solve how to store all of that energy -  and electrical engineering career paths are rising with it.

The engineering path to design phase management

Carl sat down with Nick and Justin from our talent team to talk about his engineering path to electrical design phase management. We talk about Mortenson's heavy focus on the preconstruction side of projects and why that design phase management approach continues to drive our success on the energy storage side of the business.

Listen to the conversation above or scroll down for the top things we covered.

Highlights from our conversation with Carl

You're not doing design engineering type of work

You're involved with design and construction, but not actually the design engineer of record type work. You leverage internal resources and our external partners to deliver on our client needs.

This work doesn't exist in many places and we have a dedicated design phase team

Our focus on electrical preconstruction is one of the pivotal reasons we are so successful. You're taking the client's desires and putting them onto a blank sheet of paper before we start the build. 

The breakneck speed of renewable energy growth is driving the need for energy storage solutions.

Your engineering degree means you aren't done learning. As the industry continues to grow, you have the opportunity to develop solutions that truly push the boundaries for the energy storage side of renewable energy.

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