Mitigate risk and optimize your project

We provide you with an exceptional customer experience by helping you plan and budget effectively, mitigate risks and fully optimize your project.

Our preconstruction services include:

Budgetary EPC pricing

We can assist in the development of EPC pricing to help owners model and evaluate the economics of their project at all stages. From initial estimates for site selection and M&A, to detailed estimates to support project financing, we understand that realistic and achievable EPC estimates are critical to the financial performance of projects.

Layout optimization

We partner and collaborate with our customers to achieve a true Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) turbine layout. Knowledge of UL's Openwind software, combined with our real-world site design and installation experience, enables us to provide project-specific pricing inputs and engineering judgment to the resulting layouts.

We can also provide value engineering options and BOP layout optimization services in situations where turbine locations are already established, by leveraging our proprietary WindBuilder™ software and the experience of our dedicated design phase managers.

Technical support for development

Insights on EPC assumptions, execution methods, costs, and schedule risks are critical for proper planning, site permitting and stakeholder engagement during the development phase. Our team also reviews and provides recommendations on Turbine Supply Agreements and Road Maintenance Agreements to ensure well-aligned contracts and scopes.

Project scheduling

Detailed pull planning exercises increase project team collaboration, identify critical path development tasks and identify potential schedule clashes to achieve the targeted COD. Our team creates detailed and realistic project schedules to support development activities, contracting, project financing, permitting and stakeholder engagement.

Engineering and design

We self-perform full design and engineering services for all balance of plant scopes, including civil, structural (foundation), electrical (collection, substation, and transmission line) and communication networks (SCADA).

Major equipment procurement

Major equipment with long-lead times often requires placing an order prior to EPC contract execution. Our design phase team manages the preliminary design, specifications drafting and procurement of all project equipment except turbines.


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