Optimize your wind energy site design

Your project could benefit from a layout optimization to increase cost competitiveness and reach commercial operation more efficiently.

When building wind projects, often the concept of a "golden tower" is used. This first turbine is fully completed to perfection to ensure teams know what perfect looks like before proceeding to the remaining turbines.

Often contractors are engaged too late to influence and optimize the BOP layout. Project sites have already been permitted and changes to routing are not feasible. In many instances, this leads to inefficient BOP layout design and higher than necessary collection, access road and crane path costs.

By using WindBuilder™ - our proprietary BOP layout design software - early in the development process, we assist developers to quickly establish a "golden layout" that represents the most efficient BOP layout possible. Using this layout as a guide, developers can prioritize land and optimize their projects to as near-perfect as possible when typical land and environmental constraints arise.

Let's reimagine the possibilities of energy, together.