Results are in: what are the greatest long-term impact of the pandemic on healthcare facilities?
2021 Healthcare Facilities Trends
2021 Healthcare Facilities Study

Adapting healthcare facilities to sustain care team engagement and patient safety

COVID-19 fundamentally changed our view of healthcare preparedness. Almost overnight, healthcare organizations needed to radically increase their ability to care for infectious, high-risk patients. The dangers to patients, care providers, loved ones, and everyone else were significant. Today’s healthcare environment requires innovative, adaptable, long-term facility solutions.

With 22% of nurses indicating they may leave their current position, according to a recent McKinsey & Company study (link:, many of today’s care models may be at risk.

We must increase space for staff areas, break rooms, work rooms and other spaces intended to cater to their mental well-being and the emotional needs of the caregivers.

To understand how COVID-19 has impacted healthcare providers, and their strategies moving forward, we surveyed over 100 professionals at this year’s ASHE PDC conference (American Society for Health Care Engineering’s Planning and Design Conference).

Find out what care models are at risk, and where healthcare leaders are planning to focus their investment to sustain care team engagement and patient safety.  


Whether you plan to focus on greater flexibility, modernizing your care team break room, enhance your security measures or want to relocate your nursing stations to optimize the nurses’ time, you have a partner in Mortenson.