Avin Kallenbach | Education Project Executive
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Avin Kallenbach

Avin is one of our educational market leaders with over 13 years of experience in the construction industry. She spends her time leading project managers through successful preconstruction and construction planning; providing resources to meet project demands, expectations, and objectives; and fostering meaningful relationships with customers.

Throughout Avin's time at Mortenson, she's been engaged in some of our most notable and culturally significant projects around the country such as the U.S. Bank Stadium, University of Minnesota Athletes Village, Fiserv Forum, Allegiant Stadium, Chase Center, and Hmong College Prep Academy.

We had the pleasure of talking with Avin about her career at Mortenson.

When applying at Mortenson, what did you find most exciting about the company/position

Avin: I started with Mortenson right out of college, so my whole career has been here, from day one, which is cool! I interned with multiple general contractors before, and Mortenson was not one of them. But after hearing about the amazing culture of Mortenson and how family-oriented it was, I knew that's what I wanted in a company. So, I took advantage of the different opportunities and project sizes I could experience and fully immersed myself in what Mortenson had to offer.

Did Mortenson live up to the messaging that you heard during the hiring process?

Avin: Absolutely! One of the messages that stood out was, "You can start off as a Field Engineer (or whatever position you're applying for), but from then on, you can shape your individual career path...all you have to do is ask." Of course, this was a process, but it was true! I say this because I started in the Milwaukee office and shortly after was able to transfer to Sports, and later the Minneapolis office, which gave me the opportunity to be a part of many cool projects like the U.S. Bank Stadium.

It was amazing to witness my transformations over the last 13 years and I never felt that Mortenson didn't have anything more to offer me. There are always opportunities if you're willing to try something new.

What would you say to someone considering a career at Mortenson?

Avin: If you are willing to challenge yourself, willing to test the waters, and not be afraid of failure, then Mortenson is the right place for you! But you have to be willing to try something new – you're not going to know everything, and that's okay.

It's exciting, family-oriented, and they genuinely understand the work-life balance for everyone at Mortenson.

If you are willing to challenge yourself, willing to test the waters, and not be afraid of failure, then Mortenson is the right place for you!

Do you feel that Mortenson leaders are invested in your happiness and/or career development?

Avin: Yes, of course! I've gone through so many trainings within the company and externally that benefited my role at Mortenson. I've learned things that encouraged me to be a better leader, more personable, and how not to be afraid. Those are not just career development; they have helped me personally.

In recent years, I've seen so many changes addressing team members’ health plans and discussions around mental health awareness and social issues. They're not afraid to talk about difficult topics and address issues that may affect team members inside and outside of work. Mortenson truly goes above and beyond to see team members happy from a holistic standpoint.

What motivates you? What keeps you working at Mortenson?

Avin: My intention has always been if I wake up every morning, not wanting to work, not wanting to go into work, then that tells me this is not the company for me. But for the last 13 years, I wake up every morning wanting to go to work and that's the difference with Mortenson. It's the endless opportunities to grow, and I've grown so much over the last 13 years whether it's at home, seeing how I work with my kids, or how I lead project managers in safe conditions. I want to ensure the safety of my team, just as I do my children.

I continue to be motivated knowing that I have the same opportunities as everyone else, regardless of my gender and background, coming from a different country. Mortenson has never made me feel otherwise.

Avin Kallenbach

Avin Kallenbach is an project executive with over 13 years of experience in the construction industry, with a current focus on the higher education market. She worked on U.S. Bank Stadium, Hmong College Prep Academy, and several other notable sports and higher education projects.

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