Choosing a Manufacturing Construction Partner
Set your manufacturing facility project up for success
Choosing a Manufacturing Construction Partner

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Successful projects happen when there’s collaboration and clear communication among the design team, industrial engineering team, customer, and builder. When looking for a manufacturing construction partner to build your next facility, make sure you choose someone who:

1. Works Closely with the Industrial Engineering Firm Designing Your Process Equipment

Manufacturers order equipment from sources worldwide, and it often comes with different electrical, power, data integration, and other infrastructure requirements. It’s critical to work with an industrial construction contractor that gets engaged early and recognizes the importance of understanding how all the components need to work together in the final design.

“Manufacturers also need to be nimble in their design and think ahead about changes in equipment and process,” explains Brian Tobiczyk, a manufacturing market executive at Mortenson. “That means maximizing the clear span and having an infrastructure capable of handling larger or more sophisticated manufacturing equipment.

2. Focuses on Speed to Market

The faster a project wraps up, the sooner manufacturers can start operating and generating income. Of course, this must be accomplished without sacrificing the quality of the materials and processes used to build a facility. Brian says, “Accelerating a project timeline usually incurs additional expenses, but that pales in comparison to the revenue generated by commencing operations a month or two earlier than expected.

3. Sets Your Business up for Long-term Manufacturing Success

Good industrial construction contractors account for everything in a project—including current and future equipment and energy needs. For example, high-volume manufacturers operating large industrial equipment have different energy needs than small or lower-volume operations. The potential to expand down the road could be inhibited by a utility infrastructure incapable of supporting increased power needs.

“A manufacturing facility's structure is insignificant compared to everything that surrounds it,” says Brian. “You need the right team in place—someone experienced in building $200 million, $300 million production facilities to help you manage the manufacturing construction process. They will think of potential stumbling blocks that could affect your facility today or 10 years down the road.”


Brian Tobiczyk

Brian Tobiczyk is a market executive with a background in architecture, real estate, and commercial construction. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he excels at delivering well-thought-out solutions that address customers' current and future business needs.

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