Full Stream Ahead: In Progress & Recently Completed Water/Wastewater Projects

With Mortenson's Phoenix office either recently completing or currently working on eight projects in just six months, we have had no problem diving right in the water/wastewater industry, building upon our 30 years of environmental work in the Valley. Our water/wastewater team has grown significantly in the last two years, with plans to expand the current team that now includes nine team members. Thanks to this team of local experts, the Phoenix office has shown an immense proficiency in the water/wastewater market.

Arizona water/wastewater projects currently in progress or completed in the last six months:

1. Flagstaff Rio de Flag Aeration Blowers
2. Phoenix 24th Street WTP Reservoir #3
3. Phoenix Deer Valley WTP Reservoir
4. Scottsdale Booster Pump Stations 116 & 156 Rehab
5. Chandler Airport Water Reclamation Facility
6. Corona de Tucson WRF
7. Pecos Surface Water Treatment Plant
8. Pecos Well Equipping

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