Faster, Better, Smarter Prefab
Saint Joseph Hospital

In the heart of a bustling downtown in Colorado, a remarkable endeavor was taking shape—a hospital project like no other. It was an ambitious undertaking, aiming to set a new benchmark for speed and efficiency in construction. This was a race against time, and the team behind it was determined to make history.

Challenges loomed large. The project encompassed the construction of an expansive hospital facility, right in the midst of a major urban area. The timeline was incredibly short, making it a contender for one of the fastest hospitals ever built in the country. The key to achieving this ambitious goal lay in innovative strategies.

The driving force behind this groundbreaking project completed in 2014, was leveraging technology like never before, employing electronic versions of every component. Prefabrication was the name of the game, ensuring that every piece fit seamlessly together. Patient bathrooms, utility rack systems, doors, and numerous other elements were being meticulously constructed in a controlled environment off-site.

The process was not just about quality control; it was also about cost-effectiveness. With the ability to work on multiple floors simultaneously, the project was rapidly gaining momentum. Mortenson's proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM) paved the way for these advancements, allowing us to adapt manufacturing industry strategies to the unique challenges of hospital construction.

Corridor racks, plumbing, med gas, sheet metal, electrical systems, and pneumatic tubing were all integrated off-site. This multi-trade fabrication substantially reduced installation times in the field. What would have taken months was now whittled down to mere weeks.

One standout feature of the project was the prefab bathrooms. Among the 348 patient rooms, each had a bathroom manufactured elsewhere. This not only streamlined the construction process but also ensured uniform quality throughout.

Mortenson's commitment to the project was unwavering. They had proven to be true partners, overcoming every obstacle in their path. As the hospital rose at an unprecedented pace, it became a testament to human ingenuity, technology, and a dedicated team determined to deliver a hospital of perfection to their community in record time.

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