Scott Amundson, Senior Superintendent at Mortenson, was asked to be a guest speaker at the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) Stand Down event at the Boy Scout Base Camp this past Tuesday. Amundson, a 22-year retired Army Vet, was given the opportunity to share his experiences with returning home and his transition back into the civilian lifestyle. Amundson explained how entering the construction field shared a lot of similarities with being a military service member. 

“That clearly defined hierarchy, that single minded sense of purpose that brings everybody together working on a mission to build a project, whether it be a school, a bridge, a public building, or an expansion of a great facility like this, all is a continuation in our eyes of the service that veterans continue to provide…” 

Amundson has been with Mortenson for the past 15 years and was heavily involved in the early stages of the Boy Scouts of America expansion. Amundson is now the superintendent at the United FC Soccer Stadium in St. Paul.

The Stand Down for Veterans event, held August 1-2, provided free clothing, meals, and haircuts for area vets. Additionally, assistance with housing, veteran’s benefits, state services, VA healthcare, and employment assistance was also provided. Click here to learn more about the event.