Shaping the world of manufacturing construction

Automation, IoT, complex MEP, cleanroom manufacturing spaces...while the basic structure of manufacturing facilities remains unchanged, the complex infrastructures and sophisticated automation equipment inside these buildings places the industry on the cutting edge of innovation.

The future of manufacturing modernization rests in building facilities that leverage new technology and serve as an efficient profit center for businesses. With the right partner, you can improve manufacturing productivity and set your business up for success now and into the future.


Brian Tobiczyk

The manufacturing landscape is changing dramatically, from the way we produce goods to how people work inside these facilities. At times, it feels like it's changing by the hour. But it's an exciting time for the industry because we're solving common challenges through innovation and reimagining the way we approach manufacturing.

Minneapolis Manufacturing Construction News + Insights

The future of  Manufacturing Facilities

What Does the Future of Manufacturing Facilities Look Like? 

Learn how innovation is redefining the industry and changing how manufacturers and industrial construction contractors approach facility design.

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selecting a partner for your Manufacturing project

Tips for Choosing a Manufacturing Construction Partner

Planning to build or renovate a manufacturing facility? Here are three things to consider when selecting a partner for your build.

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Levering Regional Expertise to Make Your Project Successful

Manufacturing facilities are more sophisticated than ever and continue to push the envelope of innovation. How can companies ensure they get the most out of their new facility both now and in the future? The answer is simple: Leverage the knowledge of industrial construction contractors who know how to navigate complex design challenges and enhance business owners’ outcomes.

Mortenson developed its Manufacturing Center of Practice to fill the gap between builders and the professionals handling your facility’s infrastructure and processing equipment. By working together on a national scale, our experts can troubleshoot supply chain issues, logistics, and other challenges that could potentially affect your construction timeline. We look beyond the building shell and consider the infrastructure, space, and energy needs required to take your manufacturing operation into the future.

Featured Minneapolis Manufacturing Projects

Vermeer Manufacturing Build

Expanding Manufacturing Capacity and Increasing Efficiencies

When this global manufacturer lost two plants to a tornado in 2018, Mortenson helped them expand production capacity with increased efficiencies and product flow.

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Graco Koch Facility

Building Facilities with Current and Future Growth in Mind

Graco had outgrown their facility and selected Mortenson to expand their Koch Center by 481,000 SF to support future growth on a fast-tracked schedule.

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Boston Scientific Facility

Creating Flexible, Innovative Life Sciences Manufacturing Spaces

Boston Scientific needed space to support increased production. The 78,000 SF facility includes cleanroom manufacturing space, a complex MEP system, and hazardous substance storage.

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