Better, Faster, Smarter

Prefabrication reduces the time and ultimate cost of construction, while increasing the quality and scope of possibilities. At Mortenson, our customers benefit from expert solutions, seamlessly integrated with our sister company, BLUvera.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities, BLUvera enables large-scale prefab and modular solutions that accelerate speed to market, delivering the most for your capital investment. The key to success is planning your prefab strategy from the earliest stages of your project. What that means for you: If you're considering a fast-track schedule, don't wait to start the conversation!

Did you know?

Long before the strategy caught on as mainstream, Mortenson's innovation in prefab was documented in an academic study in 2013-2014. The study found schedule reduction of 18%, among many other benefits.


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Early planning is critical for maximizing the value of prefab.  Don't hesitate to connect with us to discuss the possibilities for your project.