Alaska USA federal credit union office
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Projects / Phoenix MetropolitanAZ
When is the right time to engage as partners on your market expansion journey?
Since 2011, Mortenson has established a strong relationship with AlaskaUSA, built on dependability. Our ability to be nimble, while meeting their fast-track schedule and budget needs, has allowed Mortenson to support AlaskaUSA’s long-term, aggressive expansion into the Arizona banking operations market through delivering 19 projects to date. The diversity of work with AlaskaUSA includes corporate office tenant improvements, data center tenant improvements and renovations, retail bank branch demolitions and remodels, as well as decommissioning services. Each project has been executed quickly with zero interruptions to the fully-operational facilities. 

- Glendale, AZ | 1,000 square feet | Completed November 2014
- Phoenix, AZ | 1,500 square feet | Completed July 2015 
- Mesa, AZ | 1,500 square feet | Completed July 2015 
- Tempe, AZ | 561 square feet | Completed February 2016 
- Avondale, AZ |  607 square feet | Completed May 2016, Delivered 1-week early and rated Far Superior
- Peoria, AZ | 483 square feet| Completed July 2016, Rated Far Superior 
- Phoenix (Arcadia), AZ | 379 square feet | Completed November 2016, Delivered 1-week early 
- Scottsdale, AZ |  405 square feet | Completed February 

Facts And Figures

AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union

Completion Date: November 2014 - Current

Range: 400 - 25,000 square feet

Delivery Methods

Construction Manager at Risk
Mortenson has been our contractor for all large and small projects since we entered the market – and all projects continue to be delivered on time and within budget. We have leaned on Mortenson to come up with unique solutions on many projects, and their team has always come through to deliver without any delay to the schedule. Our punch list is always small, and this can be attributed to their team's attention to detail and always keeping a clean workspace, regardless if the building is occupied or not.

The Team