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Broadmoor Hotel Events Center and Parking Garage / Colorado SpringsCO
What amenities can a luxury event center have?
The Broadmoor Events Center complex expands and improves upon the significant facilities already offered at the luxury Broadmoor resort, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO. The first phase of the project involved the construction of a new 20,000-square-foot warehouse building to house the hotel’s purchasing and receiving operations, as well as a new fire station for the Broadmoor Fire and Rescue department. After the warehouse building was complete, several blocks of aging buildings were demolished to make way for a new events center complex.

The complex has a 60,000-square-foot event center with high volume ceiling space and 120-foot clear span floor areas. The facility is built upon a 315,000-square-foot, three-level below-grade parking garage, adding 950 spaces. The roof of the facility became the new tennis center for the resort with five courts, roof-top gardens, a pro shop, and deck seating areas featuring views of the Hotel and the Rocky Mountains. The Broadmoor’s Carriage House Museum was moved into expanded facilities attached to the complex and a 5,000 square foot retail area was included at the street level of the center. The Events Center offers a restaurant, museum, extensive exhibition space, and parking facilities to accommodate all the additional patrons and visitors.

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Completed October 2005


565,000 square feet

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