Iliff Station Parking Garage
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What is the correct way to build a parking garage for future developments?

This 600-stall, design-build parking structure serves the RTD Iliff Lightrail Station and supports the potential future expansion of parking decks and possible commercial or residential development. On a site of approximately 3.2 acres, the Iliff Station project also includes the development of two new streets surrounding the garage and a new roundabout intersection at Harvard Avenue and Anaheim Street. The site is owned by RTD as part of the Iliff station plan, but the structure is owned and operated by the City of Aurora.

The parking structure is built as an on-grade parking level with one parking deck above. There are two vehicle entrances, one on Wesley Avenue and one on Anaheim Street. The primary pedestrian access is via the northwest corner at the closest point to the light rail station and features a pedestrian plaza. The parking structure is set back from Wesley Ave. to provide a parcel for future development along the street. Mortenson self-performed the infrastructure work, providing earthwork and grading for both the site and the roundabout, as well as storm and sanitary water utilities work.

The structure is cast-in-place concrete, and the building facades contain a combination of precast spandrels and metal panels.

Facts And Figures

Completed March 2016

600 stalls

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

$10.5 million

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