Central Washington Hospital Expansion
Central Washington Hospital Expansion / WenatcheeWA
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This expansion project to the Central Washington Hospital added 193,000 square feet of space within the six-story tower. The project added 174 new private patient rooms and 126 parking spaces to the hospital’s existing campus. It has conference rooms, outpatient physical therapy, and cardiac rehabilitation and mechanical facilities on the ground level.

Level 1 includes the pharmacy, education services, and space for a future 22-bed medical-surgical unit. Level 2 is made up of a new nursery and labor and delivery rooms, level 3 is the new critical care, and the post-coronary care units, and levels 4 and level 5 have an additional 42 medical and surgical rooms on each floor.

The project also included an 8,000 square-foot central utility plant expansion that allows additional air-conditioning equipment, emergency generators, and heating equipment.

This project has an advanced building management system that improved energy efficiency by 5-10% over similar buildings with the use of recycled and reusable materials incorporated whenever possible.

We created an extensive preconstruction plan for utility reroutes and infection control for the demolition of an old hospital wing to make way for the replacement tower. The replacement tower was immediately adjacent to maternity and NICU, requiring extensive disruption management planning and mitigation.

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Central Washington Hospital

Completed February 2011


261,000 square feet

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[Mortenson’s] ability to accurately estimate the cost and scope is unsurpassed. Mortenson planning and execution of process in infection control management shutdown scheduling and utility rerouting for systems has been outstanding. They bring to the process very qualified contractors and process to ensure a minimum disruption to a very intense difficult process. We had very minimal down time and operated a fully occupied hospital during the entire demolition process with absolutely no incidents. This quality continued as we constructed the tower and we are currently complete with the 190,000 sq foot 6 story facility addition. I would highly recommend Mortenson Construction to any health care facility and owner as they understand our objectives in delivery of patient care and they bring a new level to the process with innovative thinking, excellent planning and outstanding execution to the construction process.

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