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Chatfield Storage Reallocation / LittletonCO
How do you address the need for extra water storage in a reservoir?
Mortenson was selected to partner on this CMGC project to reallocate the space around Chatfield Reservoir to accommodate an additional 20,600-acre-feet of water storage for water supply without compromising its flood control function. The additional storage will be used by municipal and agricultural providers to help meet the increasing needs of the state. The volume represents up to 12 additional vertical feet of water stored in the existing facility.

The project started with 1.2 million CY of earthwork. All utilities are self-performed by Mortenson, including two lift stations, averaging a depth of 30 feet. The nearly 15,000-foot-long sanitary sewer installed included both force main and gravity systems. Over 21,000 feet of water line and 4,500 feet of storm sewer were also installed. 

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Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation

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Completion: July 2019

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