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Clark College Advanced Manufacturing Center / RidgefieldWA
Building the Future of Advanced Manufacturing

Advancing the Future of Clark College 

The new Advanced Manufacturing Center is being developed to support the college’s programs, including welding, mechatronics, machining, metallurgy and associate programming. Additionally, it will have administration rooms, computer labs, study spaces, conference rooms, and offices. The facility will have 35,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing training, which will include three industry-specific classrooms, four labs, five manufacturing cells, and a vast open manufacturing floor. The remaining 14,000 square feet will be used for five general education classrooms and faculty and student amenities. The project will also include new parking lots, street frontage improvements and traffic upgrades.

On track to be a LEED Silver certified building, the Advanced Manufacturing Center will meet state energy performance standards, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve operational efficiencies.

Fueling the Future of Career and Technical Education

The Advanced Manufacturing Center is designed to meet a variety of instructional and community needs. The center will be flexible enough to accommodate future growth and will offer manufacturing and classroom spaces that support multiple delivery modes, including lecture-based, collaborative, project-based, and hybrid models that combine online content and classroom application.

To ensure effective communication, the facility's acoustic design will be optimized to carry unamplified voice communication above the ambient machine noise.

The new center is anticipated to serve an estimated 1,200 students and sits on 10 acres. The high bay area, with 26-foot ceilings and skylights bring spaciousness and comfort where students will learn skills in engineering and construction in a realistic work setting. Windows surrounding the space are viewable from hallways, classrooms and study areas to foster interest in the high bay. Outside is a work yard where students can practice working with larger machines.

Facts And Figures

49,000 square feet

Complete Late 2024

Classes Begin Fall 2025

Delivery Methods

Progressive Design-Build
The Advanced Manufacturing Center will equip future students with innovative training for careers in the manufacturing trades while also providing programs accessible to Ridgefield and the communities in north Clark County.

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