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What does the construction of a new ballpark in a historic downtown district look like?

Coors Field, located in Denver’s historic Lower Downtown District (LoDo), was the first new stadium added in a six-year period in which all Denver’s sports venues were upgraded, including the Mortenson-built Pepsi Center. As an open-air, natural grass “old-time ballpark,” Coors Field features the Rocky Mountain scenery and the area’s heritage. The ballpark seats 50,000 people in its lower, upper, and club levels, and 60 private suites provide premium viewing of ball games and events. The ballpark features other amenities for Rockies fans and their families including an outdoor picnic area adjacent to the bullpens, a seating area appropriate for young children and their parents, and an arcade/video game area.

Since completing the construction of Coors Field in 1995, Mortenson has returned for seven significant renovation projects at the ballpark.

Facts And Figures

Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball

Stadium District

Completed April 1995


1,010,926 square feet

Delivery Methods

Construction Manager at Risk
. . . their knowledge and experience in building major sports facilities was instrumental in the successful completion of Coors Field and the national recognition it has since received. In addition, Coors Field had one of the best construction safety records of any project of its size built to-date.Mortenson provided a workforce that was both professional and quality oriented.

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