Diamond Trail Wind Project
Diamond Trail Wind Project / WilliamsburgIA
Partnering with MidAmerican Energy Company to help them become the first investor-owned electric utility in the country to generate renewable energy equal to 100 percent of its customers’ usage on an annual basis.

Mortenson was selected by MidAmerican Energy Company (MidAmerican) to construct the Diamond Trail Wind Project in Iowa. The scope of work includes public road improvements, access roads, foundations, collection system installation, wiring and erection of 19 - Vestas V110 turbines, 25 - GE 2.8 turbines and 34-Vestas V136 turbines, T-Line, substation, O&M building and met towers. 


Diamond Trail is part of MidAmerican’s Wind XII project, which will make the company the first investor-owned U.S. utility to offset 100 percent of its customers’ electricity usage with renewable energy. Along with Diamond Trail, we won three other projects in the Wind XII wind energy portfolio. Upon completion of Wind XII, we will have installed 19 projects for MidAmerican, or 3,781.5 MW for this customer since 2005 and 5,075 MW total in Iowa.

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Under Construction Estimated Completion: December 2020

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