Green River Wind Project
Green River Wind Project / OhioIL
How do you build a wind energy farm in endangered species habitats?

Geronimo Energy selected Mortenson to construct the 194.3 MW Green River Wind Project in Ohio, Illinois.  This was Mortenson’s first wind project built for Geronimo Energy. The scope of work included access roads, partial public roads, foundations, collection system installation, substation, transmission line, O&M building, erection and wiring of 74 Siemens Gamesa G126 2.625 MW turbines. Construction began in May of 2018 and completed in October of 2019.

A challenge for this project 
was that there were a lot of endangered species in the area to work around. Fences were put up to protect the Blanding’s Turtles and Ornate Box Turtles. The team was also trained on the following species:  Blanding’s Turtle, Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hog-nosed Snake, Regal Fritillary Butterfly, Short-Eared Owl and Loggerhead Shrike.

Facts And Figures

Geronimo Energy

Completed October 2019

194.3 MW

Delivery Methods

Engineer, Procure and Construct

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