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Fortune 500 UPS Upgrade and Data Center Stabilization / MinnesotaMN
How do you stay fully operational during a data center upgrade?
This confidential customer upgraded their electrical and mechanical infrastructure serving the primary data center at their corporate facility. The upgrades included the replacement of their 23-year-old UPS system with a new 2N hot tie UPS systems, new UPS and battery rooms, new cooling systems for the UPS rooms with remote condensers located on the existing roof of the garage, new lighting and power systems for the new rooms, renovation of the existing IT storage areas, additional power units and distribution equipment located in the existing data center.

The project also included the replacement of their existing electrical substation #6, which was located in the basement. The construction and installation of new components were critical and needed to be phased to allow the data center to remain 100% operational during all the upgrades. The need to construct and bring new UPS systems online around a fully operating enterprise data center required intimate facility and disruption avoidance management. These systems were installed and commissioned using a detailed method of procedures closely coordinated with the facility and data center operations teams, rehearsed with the installation team, and executed with precision.

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Completed December 2012

9,500 square feet

Tier III with ability for concurrent maintainability

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