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Where is the largest smart community built in Colorado?

Mortenson was selected to partner with the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA) to help transform a former army base site and golf course into the Fitzsimons Innovation Community (FIC) at the Anschutz Medical Campus. This fully integrated smart community is designed for collaboration and discovery and, at 125 acres, is the largest campus of its kind in Colorado and one of the largest in the country.

Proposed land use within FIC Filing No.1 includes mixed-use of office, commercial, innovation office space, and public education. Proposed development for Phase 1 Infrastructure included the construction of North Ursula Street, a portion of Scranton Parkway, East 23rd Avenue, 24th Avenue, and 25th Avenue. Roadway improvements included full construction of the above-referenced roadways per the General Development Plan (GDP), but adjacent sidewalks and tree lawns were deferred to be constructed with the development of each parcel. Proposed public drainage, sanitary, and water infrastructure was installed to adequately serve future development. Water quality and detention requirements warranted a sub-regional detention pond, which was provided as an underground detention system, effectively maximizing land use opportunities for future development.

Pond 374 was an existing stormwater quality and detention pond at the Fitzsimons Innovation Community Development. FRA requested to expand Pond 374 for the proposed development of six sites, including: Bioscience III, the Fitzsimons 3A and 3B Apartments, a Hotel site, two proposed school sites as well as future development in the tributary basin. The existing pond in its previous configuration did not have the capacity for the new development upstream. In its final expanded condition, the pond provides water quality treatment and attenuation for the proposed development area and all other future development in Tributary Basin A. The expansion of the existing regional pond negates the need for costly interim or alternative detention and water quality facilities for all future development in Tributary Basin A.

The pond featured 35,000 CY of earthwork, riprap spillway construction, grouting in a boulder drop structure, along with several concrete elements including a micro pool, rundown, a spillway cutoff wall, outlet structure, forebays, and low flow trickle channels. Mortenson self-performed demolition, earthwork, concrete structures, and embankment armor.

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Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority

125 acres

Completion: September 2020

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