Fort Riley Firing Range
Building a Firing Range / Fort RileyKS
If you need to earn your expert marksmanship badge, this is the place to be.
This project consisted of the construction of a Modified Record Firing Range, Combat Pistol Qualification Course, and a 25-Meter Zero Range. It included earthwork and regrading of approximately 40 acres to serve as the range areas, as well as the installation of precast concrete target emplacements, roughing in power, and data lines for computerized targetry. There was an installation of 10 pre-engineered metal buildings, and three control towers. There are road access and service trails at all three range sites. The Pistol Range is used for 9mm Pistol Qualifications, and the Modified Record Fire Range is used for M16 Qualification purposes. The third range, the 25M Zero Range is used for sighting in the M16s. Two of these ranges are used for qualification purposes.

Facts And Figures

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District

Completed May 2003


40 acres (range)

5,000 square feet (support buildings)

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