General Mitchell International Airport baggage claim
General Mitchell International Airport Inbound Baggage Claim Renovation / MilwaukeeWI
Can you renovate a baggage claim without disrupting services at the airport?

Mortenson served as the construction manager for the $45 million renovation project beginning in September 2013 and completed in June 2015.

This extremely complex phased project included the replacement of all five baggage carousels, structural modifications, complete replacement of the building’s enclosure, the addition of new mechanical penthouses, and the installation of new switchgear. With more than 800,000 passengers traveling through GMIA each month, Mortenson implemented a disruption avoidance plan, so passenger and vehicular traffic flow remained unaffected.

The revamped baggage area features new stainless steel baggage claim carousels, modern architectural features, and an all-new baggage claim roadway. Many parts of the baggage claim area had not been updated since the 1980s. The project is seeking LEED certification.

Project Features:

  • Zipper skylight spanning the entire length of the new building
  • A lighting control system that automatically adjusts to ambient light and building occupancy
  • Solar tubes to provide natural light in restrooms
  • Green roof with educational displays on skywalks

Durable, low-maintenance building materials:

  • Extensive use of granite and precast concrete
  • Decorative Terrazzo flooring throughout the new facility
  • Trespa wood-fiber interior wall panels

All-new stainless steel baggage claim carousels:

  • Wider conveyor belts with greater capacity and speed
  • New baggage information displays above each carousel

Modern architecture features:

  • Glass entryways and exterior facades
  • A color-kinetic lighting system in gathering areas
  • Public art component

Functional features:

  • New illuminated wayfinding signage to guide passengers
  • Improved ADA accessibility
  • New furniture and seating

All-new baggage claim roadway:

  • Greater visibility for drivers picking up passengers
  • Glass canopy to cover all lanes between building and ground transportation island
  • No-curb ramp for the mobility of pedestrians, luggage, and carts 

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General Mitchell International Airport

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