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What can preconstruction do for building a medical facility?

Our healthcare team is currently performing preconstruction and construction services under an IDIQ Master Agreement for Kaiser Permanente's Portland area facilities. Our current projects include work in owner-owned or leased operating medical facilities, but could potentially expand into dental offices, administrative spaces, leased spaces, and ground-up projects. 


Current & Completed IDIQ Projects:

  • Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center Fire Life Safety Upgrades
  • Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center Supply Center Upgrade
  • Kaiser Westside Medical Center Interventional Radiology Program
  • Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center GenRad Replacement
  • Kaiser MTS GenRad Replacement
  • Kaiser SYB GenRad Replacement
  • Kaiser SMC QR Head Replacement 

Facts And Figures

Kaiser Permanente

Construction Began: Q4 2017

Construction Cost: $200K - $5M

Sustaining Work Projects

Completion Date: Ongoing Work

Delivery Methods


The Team