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Dry Dock Recapitalization / NSB Kings BayGeorgia
Can the construction and repair of a dry dock happen in phases?

The project includes repair to dry dock superstructure, panel replacement, steel caisson repairs, bridge crane repairs, mechanical and electrical system repairs, ancillary building repairs, and incidental related work.  This project includes work to be performed in three construction phases (A, B, and C). 

Phase A consists of creation of a contractor "free zone" for use during construction, construction of temporary facilities to accommodate relocating the TRF out of the WRA, and procurement of long lead time items to accommodate Phase B.

Phase B consists of performing all work that can’t be performed with a submarine in the dry dock.  This phase includes:

  • Replacing/refurbishing steel structure
  • Refurbishment of overhead cranes, rail, and elevators
  • Preservation, blast cleaning, and recoating of structural steel.
  • Metal Panel Replacement
  • Concrete repairs
  • Refurbishment of flooding roller gates.
  • Refurbishment of super-flooding, dewatering, drainage, and pressure relief systems.
  • Replacement of mechanical piping and electrical systems
  • Refurbish ancillary buildings
  • Refurbish Steel Caisson

Phase C consists of completion of work that can be completed with a submarine in the Dry Dock, removal of the free zone, and removal of temporary infrastructure installed in phase A.

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