Metropolitan Tower
Metropolitan Tower / SeattleWA
Building a mixed-use residential project in congested downtown Seattle, Washington

Located on 7th & Virginia in the heart of downtown Seattle, the Metropolitan is a 31-story mixed-use, concrete frame building with seven floors of parking (386 parking spaces or 165,000 SF); one floor below grade and the remaining six are located above the main floor.

The main floor features 23,500 SF of retail space. An amenity floor with exterior landscaping and metal trellises separates the parking from the remaining 23 floors of the residence tower (367 units in total for 397,300 SF). Floors 9 through 29 consist primarily of one- and two-bedroom units, while floors 30 and 31 feature 21 executive units.

Metropolitan Tower

Metropolitan Tower     Metropolitan Tower

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567,804 square feet

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Callison Architecture, Inc.