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Northlake Library Expansion / NorthlakeIL
How do you execute the construction of a library in a busy area?
The Northlake Library Expansion included a multi-phase project approach which was implemented while the library remains open all seven days of the week. The first phase included a remodel to create a temporary children’s collection space. Next, one-third of the existing structure was demolished in order to facilitate a 20,000 square foot, two-story addition. The original library space and basement were remodeled in the final phase, which allowed the current operations to move into the newly renovated spaces. The expansion also required additional parking, new electrical service, and the installation of new foundations and an elevator in the existing basement.

Executing the construction on a tight site proved to be a challenge as the building had a very little frontage to a very busy road and was within 10 feet of adjacent residents’ property lines. Additionally, the back of the two-story masonry addition was in such close proximity to existing power lines that they needed to be shut down for certain periods of construction. To combat any delays, a masonry block was laid from the interior in order to allow the closing of the building as well as the completion of the roof so the team could proceed with interior work.

Facts And Figures

Northlake Public Library District

Completed May 2007

$7,100,000 36,600 square feet

Renovation 16,358 square feet

Addition 20,303 square feet

Delivery Methods

Construction Manager at Risk
The Mortenson team always kept in mind that this was an operating library throughout the construction process. Care was taken with safety, noise reduction and cleanliness on the site which was greatly appreciated by our staff and patrons.

The Team