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Fortune 500 Company Technology Center 2 / Minneapolis SuburbMN
Can my data center handle the weather and stay operational?

The Next Technology Center 2 is a state-of-the-art 253,000-square-foot concurrently maintainable data center. It boasts a number of features such as 66,000 GSF white/data floor in six modules. Designed to N+2 electrical system with EPA compliant generator plant, this facility is equipped with a 2N chiller plant (each plant with 4,650 tons chilled water) and can withstand 207 mph wind velocity. Mortenson implemented 3D/4D modeling technology to improve design, constructability, and reduce costs. 


The installation of over 120 miles of underground conduit over 254,000 GSF of clay soils during severe winter conditions posed a significant project challenge. To resolve these issues, Mortenson developed and implemented a well-orchestrated plan that included systematic ground thawing, precision soil installation, and open area temporary enclosure systems that allowed productive work and protection from the freezing elements.


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Facts And Figures

Fortune 500 Company

Completed January 2012

250,000 square feet

66,000 GSF White Floor

Tier III

9.0 MW Critical Load

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