CCPAZ Groundbreaking
Project Discovery - Chang Chun Petrochemical Arizona / Casa GrandeAZ
How do you navigate the complexities of building a semiconductor base manufacturing facility in a foreign country?

In late 2021, Taiwan-based Chang Chun Arizona (CCAZ) purchased an 80-acre site in Casa Grande, Arizona’s Pinal County Technology Park to bring their first manufacturing facility to the United States. The 109,346 SF manufacturing plant will produce electronic grade chemicals used in the manufacturing of wafers to support the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) new Phoenix plant.

A year after securing their land, CCAZ engaged Mortenson, needing a partner who could meet their tight construction deadline, quickly mobilize their site, navigate utility challenges, and finalize their project’s scope. To build trust with CCAZ, Mortenson shared lessons learned, provided advice on the procurement of long-lead items and provided strategic guidance on how they could optimize their project timeline to meet their obligations.

Mortenson broke ground on Project Discovery in October 2022 and will deliver the plant in several phases to meet production needs. The first phase will deliver initial manufacturing and logistics capacity and will bring hundreds of jobs to the Casa Grande community. “We are thrilled to welcome Chang Chun Arizona to our community and look forward to working with them as they establish their first American based manufacturing facility here in Casa Grande, AZ,” said Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland. “This new facility will support both the new TSMC facility and future advanced manufacturing development in Arizona. The semiconductor industry will help provide high quality jobs and further diversify our economy.”

By 2024, Project Discovery will start supplying wafer fabrication facilities and, by 2025, will complete Phase 1 with opportunities for future expansion as the needs of the manufacturing market change.

“Chang Chun Arizona is incredibly grateful for the warm welcome extended by the entire State of Arizona,” said Yu-hung (Calvin) Su, President of Chang Chun Arizona. “By establishing our new facility in Arizona, this is a significant milestone in CCAZ’s expansion into the U.S. We are ready to meet the growing demand of the semiconductor industry in Arizona and throughout the U.S. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the State of Arizona as well as contributing to the economic and environmental sustainability of the local community.”

Facts And Figures

Phase 1: 109,346 SF

80 acres

Completion 2025

Owner: Chang Chun Arizona (CCAZ)

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