Spotsylvania Solar
Spotsylvania Solar Energy Project / SpotsylvaniaVA
What does it take to build the largest solar energy project east of the Rockies?

617 MW of Solar Energy in Virginia

Spotsylvania Solar is comprised of four solar projects — Pleinmont 1, Pleinmont 2, Richmond, and Highlander — totaling 617 MWdc. The project sites, located in Spotsylvania, VA encompass approximately 6,350 acres, of which 3,500 acres will be developed into the solar project, with at least 2,000 acres being preserved as undeveloped, conserved land.

This unique and beautiful project site continually provided new challenges for our construction team to solve. From hundreds of water retention ponds to overcoming terrain using tracked vehicles, our team had to continually think outside the box — especially during hurricane season. 

During the height of construction, over 800 jobs were created in the local community. The Spotsylvania Solar project is expected to generate enough power to supply the equivalent of approximately 111,000 homes and offset 340,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

FUN FACT: This project is located just nine miles from the monument to Stonewall Jackson's arm.

Facts And Figures

Pleinmont 1 Solar
Completed 2020
99.6 MWdc
Single-Axis Tracking

Pleinmont 2 Solar
Completed  2021
293.9 MWdc 
Single-Axis Tracking

Richmond Solar
Completed 2020
24.2 MWdc 
Single-Axis Tracking

Highlander Solar
Completed 2020
200.2 MWdc 
Single-Axis Tracking

Delivery Methods

Engineer, Procure and Construct

The Team